Full Circle

by Amour Fou

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released March 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Amour Fou regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Full Circle
When I tell Guerrero about Jeff's basement he smiles and says "We've come full circle. I Spy used to play the same shows." Well bubbles burst and turn to suds, and we had a few years that fell like duds, but we're still keeping the home fires burning. It's come back to an organic place, a small comfortable home again.

Twelve years in, I've seen this organism shrink and expand. I've seen a thousand changes. Scenes break and people change, so it's fucking dire for those who remain to treat this family with respect. We can't grow our community on the same rotten soil. We pass the torch and recycle blood, knowing we're just small drops in the greater flood.

And we've got the balls to say "Punk rock is not for everyone." Not now. Look at how far we've come.
Track Name: Brian Chupik
As morning splits the prairie open with cold streaks of orange and blue, plastic-capped Dads pull frozen warriors into frozen room. Noisy weekend temple. Our womb. Shark circle in menacing formation but the Hawks are dangerous.

Broken in battle, frozen air scrapes at throats, cold from trying to scream over the echo. My brothers and I are fucking untouchable.

Because the Hawks are dangerous.

He's the kid who showed up to hockey practice five minutes before it started. with his helmet on and his laces tied. And his dad carried his bag, and they left right away so he wouldn’t have to take off his shirt.
He didn’t laugh like anyone else, or at the same things, his skin was too yellow, it clung to the skeletal frame.